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Musa Bility: First African To Launch Bid For FIFA presidency

Staff Reporter

2015-06-19 14:17:33.

What appears to be a long wait for the first African to declare intent for the presidential seat of football’s world governing body may not be long after all.

Liberian Football Association President Musa Bility is of the view Africa has been on the back seat for way too long; a position which has left the continent always playing catch-up after the more virile Europe.

"If Africa does not put up a candidate, it says a lot about us. It shows a sense of mediocrity and that our only relevance is to vote and make leaders. I think that is not right," Bility told BBC Sport in an interview today.

With 54 member-nations, Africa is the largest voting bloc in FIFA. Bility regards this as an opportunity that can be utilized in favour of the continent.

“Africa is the largest voting bloc in FIFA and we must take the lead to bring football together,” said Bility.
Mr. Bility knows however, that despite his intent that Africa takes the lead, Europe remains another power bloc he wants to listen to.

Bility identifies with the “genuine concerns” of Europe whose members feel they should have the greater say given “the size and relevance of the sporting associations,” on the continent.

Nonetheless, Bility insists global football “needs a unifier” who will smoothen things over but not at the expense of football development in Africa.

Mr. Bility maintains the poorer nations are not getting enough from FIFA’s much-lauded Goal Project from which member associations are awarded $250,000 (£157,000) annually. Member associations also receive a one-off payment of $400,000 courtesy the Financial Assistance Programme (FAP).

Bility age 48 is the second person to announce his candidacy after former Brazil international Zico.

Mr. Bility's declaration comes weeks after Sepp Blatter announced his resignation as president of the world's football governing body. His [Blatter] resignation follows the accusation and arrest of 14 FIFA executives and business officials by US and Swiss authorities days before the presidential election.

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