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Why Blatter and Platini Should Be Suspended

Tonte Davies

2015-09-28 11:51:00.

When the office of Swiss prosecutors opened legal proceedings against FIFA president Sepp Blatter, not a few were surprised. With allegations of corruption, money laundering and tax evasion levelled against fourteen FIFA executives and business officials back in May, the assumption – at the time – was Blatter will soon follow suit.

Maintaining his ground of innocence and witlessness about the entire matter, close watchers of the investigative process by the United States of America and Switzerland, equally maintained their suspicion of Blatter’s complicity. One cynic of Blatter’s innocence is Nigerian Dr. Amos Adamu.

The former FIFA executive committee member has called for the suspension of both Sepp Blatter and his UEFA counterpart Michel Platini, by FIFA’s Ethics Committee. Adamu made the call on a live TV interview monitored on Channels Television’s Sports Tonight.

The Call

Swiss authorities last week, opened proceedings against outgoing FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, after uncovering what is described as “disloyalty payment” to UEFA president Michel Platini. The amount alleged to be in the mix is believed to be over £1.3 million.

It is in view of this development that Amos Adamu, 62 years, urges the Ethics Committee of FIFA to investigate and suspend both Blatter and Platini. Adamu however, noted he is “not too surprised” with happenings at FIFA.

“I am not too surprised because I can see it coming when they started all these corruption charges here and there”, said Dr. Adamu. With the many years of inside experience Blatter and Platini have had in FIFA, Adamu opines global football’s top guns will “come out clean”. Adamu says, “I know that somehow when they look at the books, they will come out clean; clean in the sense of it”. He adds, “They have been there for a long time. They know what is involved there and by and large, they will try and hide things”.

The former CAF executive member expressed his scepticism about the integrity of the Ethics Committee to “thoroughly” investigate the charges. “I am sure if they do more THOROUGH investigation, more things will come out.”

Playing the Background

Adamu, a victim of FIFA’s suspension sledge-hammer back in 2010, recalls his experience. “You remember my case. When it came out, the first thing they did was that you’re under investigation; the rule says you must go on suspension. And they placed me on suspension the first day,” stated Adamu.

Evoking the memory, Adamu detailed a vivid picture of his experience. “Immediately the newspaper (Sunday Times publication) came in, the next day they called me and said the law says you have to go on ‘suspension’. I went on suspension until they finished all of the investigation.”

Dr. Adamu during the interview, conveyed a nuance like Nostradamus, as one who knew this would happen. “It is unfortunate – what is happening at FIFA. I told them when my case started that this thing you’re starting, you want to make me a scape-goat, will come [back] to [haunt] you”, Adamu said.

He says further, “Now it [the truth] is coming out [now]. More revelation will come out and I believe that wherever he (Blatter) is now and all of them [at FIFA], will be jittery.

It is left to be seen what action will be taken by FIFA’s Ethics Committee.


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Tonte Davies

2015-11-13 09:00:58.


Why Blatter and Platini Should Be Suspended...

Tonte Davies

2015-09-28 11:51:00.














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