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4 Parallels Which Make SPORTS THIS MORNING and AFRICA SPORT ON Nigeria's Home for Sports

Telema Davies

2015-09-22 10:45:25.

Don Garber, MLS Commissioner was right on point when he said “sports content is king of kings”. True to this statement, Supersport TV introduced to the sports media market its newest flagship show Africa Sport On. The show offers generated information on on-going sports events and key headlines from Nigeria and Ghana.

The show shares some resembling and distinct features with Channels TV’s Sports This Morning which puts them as your GO-TO for content sharing.

Here are four of such features we have identified from our analysis of media influence with a sport approach.
1. There’s emphasis on ALL sports. When mention is made of sports quite a number of persons are quick to think football (soccer). Football is a sport alright, but sports isn’t football. Focus on all sports practiced, amateur or professional, on the home front deserves mention. This can generate and grow passion towards any sport of interest.

2. Nigeria-centrism as a broadcast pull. There’s a great deal of ideological push for all things Nigeria despite regional and or continental coverage. The Nigerian viewer – sport fan – has a growing interest in activities with mention of Nigeria in the headlines.

Social media sway, more local media attention, and the performance of athletes of Nigerian descent weigh in on the growth of Nigeria-centrism. These content programmes are on the lead in the pull.

3. PRESS in the mix. Every media group or persons have their perspective and ideas on subject-matters that make headlines. Sports This Morning and Africa Sport On have a dedicated segment in the course of their respective shows to share their dais with sport journalists or media executives.

Diversity in opinion offers unique perspectives and a deep look at matters of common interest in the news.

4. Multiple anchors, the new direction. At first a thought of “too many cooks spoil the broth”, but it does settle in as a sweetener. Africa Sport On however, has adopted the multiple hosts approach for its different segments: Colin Udoh for the Press Corner, Mozez Praiz as anchor-man and Toyin Eleniyan in the Celebrity’s Hangout with perfect transition from one to another.

After all said and viewed, there is however a major difference between these competitions. An evolving media content appreciates or depreciates on one factor: viewership.

It is early in its formative period, but Africa Sport On has integrated social media well into its offering. An age in which social networking has broken the boundaries on real-time communication, Sports This Morning can enhance the feel of viewer participation with a visual integration of its social media channels.

With the anticipation for the advent of digital broadcasting, social media can be called out as the jury for rating the successes and or failures of these sports content.




Telema Davies

2016-06-20 13:01:14.



Telema Davies

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