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Four Things Learnt From Lagos Islanders Home Game

Staff Reporter

2015-06-02 17:46:52.

It was a sea of different colours. The most prominent colours were yellow and black. Perhaps so as it is the colour of Lagos-based basketball team, the Lagos Islanders.

At the first Home Game of the Lagos Islanders, you could tell a lot had gone into making sure the event lived up to billing. The experience was not quite disappointing. Adedammy Adedotun shares with us some of his observations.

1. Yellow, the new colour on the Island

People’s major concerns about watching basketball games at the National Stadium were addressed. The arena was secured with the visible presence of security officials. The arena was very clean, with air conditioning units regulating temperature and the seats were comfortable.
Yellow and black colours could almost redefine the visual pupils of any fans eyes.

2. And there were MCs, and a DJ.

Entertainment started about an hour before the event with music and MCs entertaining the crowd. It allowed people settle down while at the same time, getting them into the mood of the game.
The DJ and half-time performances by cheerleader helped in keeping people entertained when basketball activities were not going on.

3. Fans Connect

Asides from being a major source of income, club merchandise helps fans connect with the club. At the event on Friday, t-shirts and face caps were available for sale. This should be typical at every game however, it is not the norm.

So let's give it to Lagos Islanders for paving the way to boost commercialization in Nigeria pro-basketball.

4. It Was Good Game

An area of concern for me has always been the scoreboard. Visible for fans to see based on its size, the scoreboard at the game made it very easy for all in attendance to follow the game.

Adedammy Adedotun represents BBallNaija and wrote this piece for TwoReport.

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