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TV SPORTS CONTENT: What Channels TV (Nigeria) May Just Be Doing Right!

Telema Davies

2015-09-17 09:21:36.

Everybody wants news. The measure in which it is consumed differs across the end users. More to this, everyone is keen on news that ‘can be used’. And that’s what the electronic media offers; that precisely, is the market point for TV consumption.

In a country like Nigeria, where sports consumption is close to boiling point, Channels Television through its flagship sports content, ‘Sports This Morning’ and ‘Sports Tonight’, continues to define interaction with viewers, but more importantly, sports users.

Sports content are ubiquitous; it is very difficult in this clime to establish the statistics that demonstrate the successes, and or failures, of these content.

There is however, the question of trust. Getting the facts and communicating them accurately, has occasionally pitted the custodians of the needed information against those who need to receive such information for further transmission of same.

So, what then is Channels Television doing right to keep the sports content consumer engaged?

1. It offers premium information. In a market where exclusivity creates a buzz, Channels Television has created the GO-TO for content sharing as well as an open hub for that tell-it-as-it-is experience. Information, and the right kind, is not as easy to come by.

The age of digital media and social networking may have eased the strain on this challenge given the vast reach these forms of technological behemoth offer.

2. Strongly opinionated. For the sport casters at ‘Sports This Morning’, personal opinions form opinions for topical subjects. This should not be considered unethical – well at least not yet. It’s a changing world with changing views and what used to be unacceptable is fast becoming the norm.

And if it helps, personal opinions on TV makes the content a home comfort for viewers.

3. Putting a phone call through to the Director-General of the National Sports Commission, Dr. Al-Hassan Yakmut from Congo Brazzaville at the ongoing All-Africa Games and an extensive sit-down and full disclosure of plans by Amaju Pinnick for Nigeria football on a LIVE show outside what might be deemed the ‘normal window’, is what makes your sport programme the GO-TO for content sharing.

A regular feature for Channels TV, having these personalities on the shows cast a great deal of credibility for generating the facts that make a story. They are the stories and they make the headlines.

4. One hour lockdown. Previously a 30-minutes programme, ‘Sports This Morning’ has taken in the path of its sister show ‘Sports Tonight’ offering an-hour long LIVE content. It may be all-talk, but all-talk needs the details out of the bag.

It is extensive and offers a detailed engagement on subjects that make headlines on the home front and across Africa.

5. Sports is business. There’s a corporate fashion on the ‘Sports This Morning’ show that oozes professionalism. Colour themes in the clothing can be adopted which inevitably redefines the outlook of sport broadcasting. In the absence of this feature, Channels Television lays the marker for sports in the marketplace.

‘Sports This Morning’ and ‘Sports Tonight’ began to air in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Toyin Ibitoye – media officer of the Super Eagles, Nigeria’s senior men’s national team – was founding presenter of both content programmes. ‘Sports This Morning’ now has four anchors (Ayotunde Balogun, Austin Okon-Akpan, Cecilia Omorogbe and Yemi Adebayo) with three as regular hosts per time.

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